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Stacy Matula Secures Unanimous Endorsement from Nebraska Republican Party for State Board of Education, District 4

OMAHA, NE – In a resounding show of support, Stacy Matula, candidate for the Nebraska State Board of Education in District 4, earned a unanimous endorsement from the Nebraska Republican Party. The announcement, made on Saturday, underscores the party's unified stance behind Matula's candidacy and her commitment to conservative values.

State Party Chairman Eric Underwood, expressing unanimous support, stated,

"Stacy Matula's unanimous endorsement by the Nebraska Republican Party reflects our unwavering confidence in her ability to champion conservative principles on the State Board of Education. Her dedication to fiscal responsibility, accountability, and educational excellence resonates strongly with our party's core values."

Stacy Matula, leveraging over 30 years of leadership experience in finance and administration, has positioned herself as a steadfast advocate for responsible spending, transparency, and educational improvement. The unanimous endorsement further emphasizes the party's belief in Stacy's ability to provide effective and conservative leadership to District 4.

"I am deeply grateful for the unanimous endorsement from the Nebraska Republican Party. This collective show of support reinforces our shared commitment to conservative ideals and strengthens our resolve to ensure a top-tier education system for our children. Together, we will build a future grounded in excellence," remarked Stacy Matula in response to the resounding endorsement.

For additional information about Stacy Matula and her candidacy for the Nebraska State Board of Education, please visit

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